Sunday, February 1, 2015

maui day 2: sunday

*walk/jog along wailea coast
*spot our first whales
*snorkle at Wailea in 2 spots
*snorkle makena landing and makena big Beach
*Swam in the middle of 2 large sea turtles and saw lots of fish!
*superbowl at the hotel restaurant,fish tacos and our favorite drink, maui mango soda
*sat in the hammock

We woke up early this morning and went for a morning jog/walk on the walking trail along wailea coast. the view as we walk out of our room is stunning. waves crashing against the ocean
We got up at the sunrise this morning and were out by 645 to walk/run the parkway. the sun rose and we walked past wailea beach, and others a few miles east past the Marriott. It was stunning views. We saw lots of whales spouting.

We climbed rocks and stopped a lot along the way to walk the beaches and take in all the Vistas. 

We went back to the room and got our swim suits on. The water was choppy so we were just going to swim in the ocean but grabbed snorkel gear at the last minute. We are so glad we did. We snorkled a couple spots off wailea beach and saw fish. It was so excitinG. By 9am we had already had the best 1st full day in hawaii! 

We got in the car and decided to drive and find other beaches. We went to mKenna landing. We hid our car keys in the black rock and got in. Once in the water we swam to the right and we stayed fairly close to the shoreline. we saw lots of beautiful fish and then jon spotted something quite large and dark. He pointed it out to me and I was a tad bit startled but then quickly realized it was a giant sea turtle. I swam down to be with it. It was fairly close to the water surface so I didn't have to swim really far down to be next to it. It was amazing. My first thought was to ask him how old he was, because I promised my oldest I would. He responded 150 dude. He was beautifuL. WatchING the ocean flow and current sway him back and forward, and then to feel that same motion myself was surreal. I felt one with the ocean. You can't help but feel so insignificant and yet so alive in the ocean. 

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