Thursday, April 18, 2013

Capturing Childhood: Fishing at Pop's

My oldest brings such adventure and fun to Every. Single. Day. She is always one to get out and explore, invent, embrace moments and life. I love her so very much. I stand on the sidelines and just watch proudly. Watch the beauty of her discoveries unfold. The amazement in her eyes, her big smile and her dimples, her hard work as she plays. I watch and see a beautiful childhood. A childhood that she and her siblings create and I simply cheer them on. She's never one to get bored, she can find something to do with anything, anyone and anywhere. She creates and finds joy in her creations. Creative. 
She found a stick and in her mind it made the perfect fishing pole. She enlisted Grandma for help and together they made a "real" fishing pole and added a real jig hook. 
 She was dead set on catching a fish and didn't want to leave her pole, just in case she caught a fish. 

 Fish food flakes, line is in...time to wait for a first bite.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Little Sneak

He climbed up onto Grandma's counter and reached into the cookie jar to find a sucker. I was right there with him and yet he felt like he was being so sneaky and he was so proud of himself for knowing where the lolli pops were hidden.
 I played along with him, telling him he was so sneaky. He just laughed. 
 You are one cute buddy boy! Oh how I love these pictures of you because they tell the story of how much you love treats at Grandma's house and we had fun together letting you "sneak" a treat. Love you sweet boy.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I took the kids to a charity event today where we could take pictures with super heros, star wars characters and princesses. As we were walking in I realized that my baby had a bad blowout diaper--like almost up to his neck bad. I walked him back out to change his clothes and diaper. I realized that I used my last diaper yesterday at his dr. well-visit. But I did have a pad in the glove compartment, a new onesie, and a burp cloth (shaped like an hourglass). I put the "winged" pad on the burp cloth, placed that on him and hoped the onesie would hold it all in place. It did. I put his pants back on and voila, we're back in action.

There is my "drop of awesome" today. Thanks whoever sent that post to me.  I was starting to reflect on the day and the negative self-talk was creeping in saying how I stink at being a mother. But then I realized that most of the things that happen throughout the day are actually laughable and years from now maybe I'll just laugh at all of these seemingly hard moments of my days. And maybe my boy will laugh that I put a pad on him as a baby...hmm, maybe not. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Wooden Painted Easter Eggs

I found a couple bags of these large wooden eggs at the thrift store last year. I think we'll paint one (or 2...the kids begged to paint 2 each) each year and keep a little collection of eggs over the years. We were happy to have our cousin visiting here from out-of-state. 

Easter Eggs