Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Homemade Christmas

We always try and do lots of crafts, make presents and decor for Christmas. Here are a few of the things we made this year.

This year the kids and I spent a lot of time making anthropologie snow globes.  I bought all of the stuff last year so it was nice to pull it all out and create these together. 

 Lots of yard sale finds-vintage ornaments, etc.  I found the deer at Hobby Lobby last year in the miniatures section.
I really love how they turned out. My husband said they are his favorite christmas decoration because they remind him of little christmas train villages. And he knows how fun it was for the kids and I to put these together.

We also made snowmen handprint ornaments. These are my very favorite homemade ornaments! The kids each sat on my lap one by one. They decided the kind of clothing, hats, etc. for their snowmen and together we painted them on. 
 Each is a reflection of their personalities!
 I made these anthropologie trees out of an old vintage book. I just cut diff. sizes of squares with my pinking shears. They actually did take a while to make but it was fun!
 Homemade Stockings. I was so proud of myself for these. It took all of my brain power to do these correctly (line them, make sure they all pointed the same direction, etc.). I couldn't find a tutorial, so I just winged it. I'm happy we finally have stockings now.  The girl ones arent complete. I need to make some fabric flowers for them and they will all have stenciled name tags that fall from them, but they were done enough for Santa to place some little gifts inside them.
And my amazing husband designed and created this lego table for the kids. We were up until 2am Christmas eve finishing everything up.  It has 2 removable panels. One side is for legos, the other side is a race track (we still need to paint it). The table has a lip on it so that legos don't fall off and once done, they can pick up the panels and dump the legs in the bins (not shown) below.  Pretty sweet!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tent Building-The Way We Spent New Years

Today was a beautiful New Year day. 
We made a pretty sweet tent in the front room today.  We all had a blast together. We read lots and lots of books, rested, rocked out together, and there was lots of pretend play going on. 
It's special moments at home that make my life so sweet. And I know my husband and each of the kids would agree. There is beauty in the mundane moments of simple home-life. We love home.