Tuesday, February 3, 2015

maui day 4, tuesday

*la peruse bay
*surfing lessons, ziplining canceled due to high winds
*drove to the north and hiked The Ridge-amazing!
*drover from the north around the entire west coast back to wailea
*saw beautiful beaches, scenery, blow hole
* stopped in Lahaina and went to Lahaina fish Co. Right on the ocean. wouldn't recommend.


I won't even say how many pictures Jon and I took in Hawaii. Let's just say it's a lot. And he was behind the camera a lot too trying to capture the beauty we were seeing. So I'm slowly going through and picking out my favorites of each adventure. Here is Tuesday at La Perouse Bay, home to Maui's most recent volcanic activity. We drove along the volcanic fields and saw how the whole eco system was changing. Plants, trees, flowers were all growing among the v. rock. It was amazing. We saw chickens and teeny tiny goats living in this new vegetation. The baby goat we saw was the size of a cat --cuteness overload. Maui has so many beautiful landscapes and the volcanic rock is no exception. We wanted to snorkel in the bay and see some spinner dolphins (my dream) but it was windy and the ocean was choppy. Instead we went on a hike around the bay and saw such beauty. It did not disappoint. We saw the sharp volcanic rock turned into smooth black rocks after poundings of the ocean waves, and some of the volcanic rock withered to sand. It was fascinating. We saw a Koa wood tree (that beautiful wood in the pics) which is used to make beautiful surf boards and ukuleles (love my husband and all of the knowledge facts in that brain of his). These pictures take me back to the perfect ocean air and the spectacular views.

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  1. It is so beautiful! I love your pictures and the fact that you shared them :) I need to budget Hawaii in and make sure our family gets there :) Thank you, Ange!