Sunday, February 1, 2015

maui day 1: Saturday

I'm in paradise! Im sitting on the balcony of our hotel watching the ocean waves while jon is relaxing for a minute. Our hotel upgraded our room to an ocean view for our big 10yr. anniversary. The hotel is on 22 acres of hawaiin gardens, and right against the ocean. its unbelievable!

day 1:
left home at 4am, arrived in hawaii just before noon hawaiin time. Here we are flying over San Francisco at sunrise. It was beautiful.

 And here is Hawaii welcoming us with all it's glory. Flying over Hawaii is a site to see. Beautiful vistas.

 Jon captured this picture below from his window seat. See our plane's shadow below?!

The airport took a long time, baggage and renting a car took nearly 2.5 hours. We were starving. We ate Mcdonalds breakfast in the SLC airport at about 5am but that was it until about 5pm Utah time. The San Francisco flight was very quick we didn't even think to grab a bite to eat and then the hawaii flight only offers drinks. Luckily we packed a couple nutrigrain bars. We were excited to eat once in hawaii but after waiting so long in lines, Costco's food court just around the corner was a welcoming site! Then it was off to Walmart (thanks crystal for those suggestions) to pick up some simple breakfast and picnic lunch food. A local told us to buy souvenirs for the kids at walmart too, so we did. Smart!! We picked up our snorkel rentals from Boss Frogs and made it to our hotel. It's amazing here.

This tiny Gecko was waiting in our bathroom for us. He was a fast little guy but we managed to catch him and put him outside. Had to take a picture for the kids! They'd have loved to catch him with us.

 Views from our hotel room. We walk right out the door and here's the hammock overlooking the ocean.

day 1: Right next to our balcony is the big luau at night with fire dancers and hula girls. We watched it last night just after playing in the ocean together. Playing in the waves with your husband=the best time ever btw! We walk out our door and there is a big hammock tied to coconut trees, overlooking the ocean 10 ft away with hibiscus growing all around and birds chirping in the air. This is what dreams are made of. The sights, the scent of the ocean in the air, and lush hawaiin gardens all around, the sound of the waves crashing against the black rock, all while laying next to my sweetheart in a hammock!! "The Bachelor" ain't got nothin' on us. Love is in the air here Folks.

Dinner-A friend recommended coconuts fish cafe to eat. we ordered fish tacos, seafood chowder and onion rings. It was all to die for and Jons already dreaming of going back. It was very moderately priced From $7-17 which is low for hawaiI.

Afterward we cuddled at the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. They have these lawn chairs that are all along the ocean. They are the lay down kind, with cushions and these big cabana coveRs over top. Tiki torches are the main light source at night and we were the only ones in the pool or hot tub. Pretty much everyone needs to save their money and get to maui. Romance is in the air Over here ya'll.

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