Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Wonders of Catching Snails.

You and your exploring, I tell ya. It slays me. I can't get enough watching you make discoveries, the excitement, the playing in nature, to me it's the perfect part of childhood and I never want you to get too old for it. You are a girlie-girl at heart but you are a total tom-boy just like your sister too. Bugs, grasshoppers, SNAILS, you love catching them all. You look all over for those little wonders and are pretty darn excited when you catch one. I loved watching you explore tonight and play baseball with daddy at Grandma and Pop's house. You spent the night with your brothers and sister and then we came for dinner on Sunday to get you guys. You had played all day in the back yard. Grandma said you spent most of the day up in trees, preparing a "wedding" for Grandma's dogs with your sister, and on the tree swing. What a joy it is for us as your parents and grandparents to watch your childhood unfold. And what a beautiful childhood it is! 

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