Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Little of This and That

I was pretty busy with getting my new etsy vintage shop up and running during the month of February and have neglected adding our fun activities at home for quite some time. Here's an attempt to remember some of the fun we've had at home during the months of Jan. to Feb. 2011.
O man learned how to stack blocks and build towers
M built this "camp fire" with her own two hands. She carried rocks and shoveled the snow. She comes up with fun things to do all day long. I hope that she stays this way and never gets board....I definitely never get board either :)
Lots of rides on the daddy-mobile
Montessori Activity: Polishing Brass
ABC Race Game found at LittleFamilyFun
Made reptile and sea aquariums
Made beautiful art in the snow. (Spray bottles with water and food coloring)
Fixed cars like nobody's business. Their Grandpa owns a transmission and clutch business...thus they know a thing or two about working under cars :)
Fixed some more vehicles
Even duplo man had some cars he aparently needed to work on
Danced the night away with our hand-dyed silk scarfs. I bought these silk scarfs from the dharma trading company and the girls and I dyed them using the koolaid method. These are GREAT for magic tricks too. Daddy was quite the magic-show entertainment for a whole evening with these scarfs.
Great imaginative toy!!!
Built a tent and made a campfire. We only had mini-marshmallows, but they still seemed really yummy toasted over the fire :)

Grinding Wheat to make Yummy bread....we're back at it again. I took a bread for a while and now we're back to making bread each week again. I love that my kids know how to make bread at such a young age. I didn't have a clue how to do it until I was an old lady :)

Oops, another spray picture, out of order
We had lots of lemons from our food co-op and so we made a few batches of hand squeezed lemonade. The girls loved this.
Picnic's in the living room
We had another Anual Pinkalicious Valentines day party with some friends. We made pink princess crowns, read pinkalicious, ate pink cupcakes, and played played played.

A lot of crappy pictures in this post, but happy memories. Love you kiddos!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Twin's Photography Blog

My Twin Sis just launched her new photography blog a few weeks ago. I think it looks awesome! She's been a photographer for several years now and does a fantastic job. I think her new website fits her fun personality well.

If you have a second, check it out! Add her to your Reader and don't be shy...give her some comment love.