Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mommy School: Week 4

Mommy School: Week 4

This week we didn't focus on a book. But we did have lots of fun learning. 

I taught the girls how to draw ghosts, pumpkins and spider webs. My youngest daughter (4) drew these. How stinkin' cute is that ghost with eyelashes and bows. And the pumpkin has twirly vines on top. Darling!
 The science center bldg. at the State Fair
 Picked and processed our peaches from our tree. We've been enjoying smoothies almost every day!
 Dancing in the rain
 The kids have been playing blocks every day, several times a day. They are building kingdoms and train stations/trains mostly. It is so much fun to see them imagine with these blocks and all of the little people I've painted for them. It makes me incredibly happy to see. 
 Pure joy swinging
 Riding bikes lots and lots! Look at those little feet.
 Watching our beautiful garden grow, picking veggies and eating tomato sandwiches almost every day
 We made a castle and painted them
 We made pizzas as a family. We crushed tomatoes from our garden and picked fresh basil and each person got to pick the toppings for their pizza. Yum. 

Mommy School: Week 3

Mommy School: Week 3

We read the book Applesauce

We love this book. It's silly, informative and reminds us of our family! We love picking apples together and making yummy food. We read it several times last Fall and I'm glad my daughter picked it out for mommy school book this week. 

I asked my daughter what activity she'd like to do with our apples and she of course wanted to make applesauce.  So we steamed a few apples, and the kids helped mash them up into applesauce. 

We also made apple pies, and are hoping to dehydrate apples soon. This season makes me happy. I love that my kids get to pick fruit and veggies from their Grandparent's garden and that they are around me canning, saucing, dehydrating, making apple pies, etc. and that they help in that process when possible.  
 The kids were pretty sick this week so we weren't very consistent with mommy school this week, but I'm hoping that we will get to taste test diff. apple varieties, graph apples and do some apple printing.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mommy School: Week 2

This weeks, before five-in-a-row book. We had fun reading the story and then acting it out. 
We had a contest as to who could wear the most "caps" on their head. 
 My second oldest won with 10 caps
 My oldest was home sick from school that day so she joined in for mommy school. Luckily we had enough monkey puppets for each child to play the role of the monkeys in the trees.

 I found some printables online. I printed different ones for each child, depending on their age level. 
 I love watching my son hold his crayon with his cute little trigger thumb. It looks like his pincer grip will be just fine.

I think the biggest lesson we discussed and it came up often throughout the week is that anger doesn't solve anything and that being patient does. (the monkey's take the man's caps and he gets very angry. Finally when he settles down and gives up, all of the monkeys do too and he gets all of his caps back).  My kids reminded me all week about this book. If I got angry they would remind me of the lesson we learned. I was glad that they learned the lesson we talked about and I was happy to get the reminders to not get angry!