Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Letter Factory

My daughters have never been very interested in letters. They don't care much for the ABC song and don't know it thoroughly. I have always wanted to do a letter of the week, as seen on many websites and blogs. But they've never seemed interested and so we haven't ever done much.

I don't think it's crucial at this age to make sure they "know" things like this before school. I believe they'll get it someday and this time should be spent on making learning fun. I believe it's all about the process rather than the end product. (Something that doesn't come natural for me in my own life, but has come natural as I focus on things with my kids. hmmm...)

The week after my oldest daughter turned 3 we rented "The Letter Factory" DVD from the library. They loved it and watched it several times that week. Everywhere we went my oldest daughter would identify letters and tell us the sound. My youngest daughter followed her sister and did it too. In less than a month they could identify all of their letters and all of their sounds. My youngest is still working on a few, but my oldest has them down-pat. I'm blown away. She can also write several letters too. WHAT?!?! Thank you Leap Frog!

So pick this DVD up from your library or get it at Costco. I saw it there for $7.99.

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  1. Jackson loves this too. He's been singing the ABC song for a long time but couldn't identify individual letters. This did the trick!