Monday, January 31, 2011

Painting with Marbles and Cars

We had some little friends over for a play date and decided to paint with marbles. Before I told them we were going to paint, I prepped. I some mini-dixie paper cups and put a smidge of paint in each one. They were each given one marble to put in the paint, swish it around....

...and pour out onto paper (in a cookie sheet so that the marble doesn't roll). We love this form of painting and it's great fun to introduce to kids of all ages...and not very messy :)
We liked the lines we were creating so I decided to get some cars out for them to make "tracks." M saw an episode of curious george on animal tracks and since then notices tracks everywhere (in the snow, on the driveway, in our marble painting).
Vroom vroom
Try this out with your kids too, great fun will be had by all!

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