Monday, January 17, 2011

Email Hacked

My gmail, yahoo and facebook accounts were hacked last night. They changed my facebook password to log me out. Luckily I was able to answer some security questions through facebook to log back in. It also told me that there was unusual account activity and that my last login was in Nigeria. They also changed my password in my yahoo account, which I can't seem to get taken care least this morning :) I still have 3 kiddos that need tending to.

The person emailed many people (mind you, it was within MY gmail account) stating that I was stranded in London and that I needed funds. If you received such an email know that it is untrue. And p.s. I would never send someone an email asking for money!!!!!!!!!!!!

From this point forward I will keep this blog open but I will no longer be putting the names of our family and I'm going to try and show photos of my kids without their faces. Kind of like does with her children.


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  1. Hi Ange, thanks for letting me know about the download. Wow, I can't believe what happened with your accounts, that's scary. About the beeswax, we use modeling beeswax to play with (kind of like clay, except not as messy) Ours is from Stockmar. The colorful beeswax is hard until it is warmed in the hands and then becomes soft and shapeable. I will do a post on it soon (we just started using it, best for ages 4 or 5 and up in my opinion, my 3 yr old can get frustrated). It is fun and can be reused. Our nature table this month has a snowman and bird I made using the beeswax if you want to see.