Saturday, October 2, 2010

Secret Hiding Place: TOYS

The great thing about older homes is there are all sorts of funky things. Like this cabinet in my oldest daughter's room:
Who would have thought that this little cabinet could hold OH SO MUCH! It is super deep and was such a precious peach color (BLEH!) that we just had to paint it white.
My two nieces (age 13 & 14) were here for a few days and they helped me. I bought a large piece of particle board at Lowe's for $13 and had it cut into 3 pieces. We spray painted the edges all black. I found some damask wrapping paper in the dollar bin at Target. We mod podged that to the rest of the particle board (so it looked a little more attractive).
This now fits the majority of the kids' toys. We take out toys each day and put them back after we're done playing with them. My kids don't keep toys in one place, they end up EVERYWHERE. So this system works out great. And they are certainly not deprived from enough play time.

Bottom Shelf: puzzles, large block set, small block set, painted blocks from mom, train set, lincoln logs, bean bags, tool set, large legos, tinker toys, candyland play mat, and little people.

2nd shelf: Dolls, shape sorter, baby toys, piggy sorter, B&D tools
3rd shelf: Musical instrument set, puppets, balls, play felt food, play kitchen pans, rolling pins, plates
4th shelf: play animals, melissa and doug magnetic alphabet, chain toys, cars, puppets, melissa and doug animal train.

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  1. That is awesome. You are so LUCKY to have so much space!!!