Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Polishing Pennies

Helping Out Around the House
"obviously, children do not know how to do everything that we can do, and it often seems easier simply to do things yourself. But by taking the time to prepare the environment and to teach children patiently how to do things step by step, you continue the process of teaching skills as well as attitudes about work." (Tim Seldin, "How to Raise a Child the Montessori Way")

I love the montessori approach to order in the home. Everything should have its place. And children have a sensitive period of learning where they want to learn how to help. I have seen this with you kids and have had fun teaching you how to mop with your child-sized mops, sweep, clean windows, empty the dishwasher, wipe up spills, vacuum, etc.

I saw this polishing activity on The Wonder Years blog and wanted to try it with you girls. This is one step in lerning how to polish and clean other detailed items and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from keeping things clean.

Supplies: pennies (we used other coins just for fun)

Bowl of Vinegar and a little salt

Old Tooth Brushes

Bowl of water

Towel to dry the coins

Dip toothbrush in vinegar solution, and begin scrubbing penny. It will magically change and become very shiny.

Next dip it in water and make sure all solution is off. Place in towel and dry.

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