Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Aquarium Wall

We have a season pass to our local aquarium. Since you kids are all still under age 3, you're free. You guys all LOVE the aquarium and talk about it often. So this past month we focused our crafts on the aquarium. It's been a lot of fun.

The whole idea came from Filth Wizadry. She also provided the tiny fish that we colored and cut out.

Crab at No Times for Flashcards.

For the octopus, I just cut out a cardboard octopus (making sure to have 8 legs to count), covered it in tin-foil and let the girls use red permanant markers.

The shark- I googled shark images, drew one and then we painted it. The key is to only paint one color at a time and I told the girls where to paint the grey. Once that was done I brought out white paint and let them paint the white part. Then I cut it out.

Turtle-did same as shark.

The blue background is a plastic table cloth.

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  1. Angela, I see a corner of what I think is a doll house. Did you make that too? Do you have a picture of it?