Monday, May 17, 2010


Supplies: Mason jars, water, food coloring.
M is learning about mixing primary colors to get secondary colors. C is learning her colors and getting more pouring practice.
We got several jars of water and I added drops of food coloring (otherwise the kids fight over the food coloring). We name the color, one of the girls gets a chance to stir. We name it again.
If making a secondary color: I gave each of the girls a small creamer (something with a lip to pour out of) with colored water. For example: M had yellow water. C had blue water. They poured it into an empty jar and got green.

Then we tried it by simply adding food coloring to our colored water. We got orange:

Once each jar was finished the girls were each given half in their creamers to pour into ice cube trays. We freeze them and then they play with them in the bath. It colors the water slightly, but not to worry, no dyed skin (unless you add vinegar or rubbing alcohol to set the color). And this bathtime fun helps to teach C the colors too.

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