Friday, November 9, 2012


Some very special people in my life. It was fun to capture some of Hayley's wedding. 
Her Grandma Ronna-the greatest grandma on the planet...okay 2nd to my own mom :)

 Grandpa sure has a soft spot for his beautiful grandaughter

Grandfather/daughter dance

Beautiful Sisters
The amazing cakes her Grandma Ronna made. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
You guys look so happy!!

Ronna and George, My mom and Dad, Hayley and T.J. 

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  1. These are amazing wedding pictures. I felt a little taste of what it was like to be there. It looks like it was really fun and Rhonna did an amazing job with those cakes. Hailey looked so gorgeous. I love the picture of all 3 couples dancing. And the group dance shots were really good and in focus. That is hard to do! You can tell they are dancing and having fun.