Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween Fun

We had a lot of fun this Halloween. I love trying to make each holiday special and my kids eat it up. They get so excited for every holiday now. 
 We carved pumpkins at Grandma's house. Claire looks so sad...I think I did something wrong on her pumpkin or something. Sensitive little girl!

 Halloween drawings Mia did at home

 We made shaving cream ghosts (glue + shaving cream)
 Dressed up
 Made some delicious haunted houses :)
 Painted the kids faces in our hotel room
 Made some very spooky drinks for our cousins

 The girls and I made some hanging spider nests 
 Halloween sensory tub out of a costco vegetable tray
Our annual talking jack-o-lantern: put the baby monitor in the jack-o-lantern and daddy's "spooky" voice talks to the kids. They love it!

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