Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Scrap Map

I am loving pinterest. I unsubscribed from all blogs in google reader and now just spend my "time wasting time" on pinterest. I found this little lovely on pinterest: The Scrap Map

It's a project that wouldn't leave my brain. I knew I needed to make it.
See Kate Sew created a great tutorial on how to make this. It wasn't a hard project to make. It was a bit time consuming, but not too bad. I think I finished 2 scrap maps (one for my twin sis too) in 3-4 nights after the kids went to bed.
I first went through all of my scrap fabric. I'm shocked at how much I've accumulated in the last couple of years. I owe it to my sister-in-law for owning a fabric shoppe with way too many cute fabric options!

I chose 60 fabric scraps and then slowly but surely cut out each state on the map and decided on a fabric that fit that state. Many of the fabrics I chose based on the people I associate that state with. I chose flowers for TN because my sister-in-law Julee lived there and her family runs a flower farm. I chose the sunny yellow with white polka dots for the oh so beautiful sunny CA, where my husband is from, etc.
Whenever my husband gets a rip or a stain in his nice work shirts, I save them for the fabric. Same goes with the kids' clothes. If it's a cool fabric and the clothes aren't fixable I save the fabric and add it to my stash.

Can you notice a few nice work shirts (pin stripes) in there?

I really love my scrap map! It's now proudly hanging above my desk in our family room.

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