Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Girls Shopping Trip Bags

I made these Chevron Striped Muslin Bags for several special ladies. I wanted to make them each something special for our much anticipated Girls Getaway Weekend. We had some fun shopping trips planned so I thought I'd make them each a shopping bag.

My oldest (4) was really eyeing the skeleton bag. I might have to make her one too :)
I added a simple Rosette to each bag made from scrap fabrics.

It was very simple to make these bags:
I bought the muslin bags from Hobby Lobby. I like muslin much more than the thick canvas bags! And their pretty inexpensive to buy.

I created a chevron stripe by graphing it out on paper.
Then I created a freezer paper stencil (1 for each bag, so 9 total). If you're new to freezer paper stenciling, it's super easy. Dana Made it has a few great tutorials on how to get started.
I made sure to put a piece of long paper in the bag so that the paint didn't seep through to the other side.
Add some fabric paint. Once you paint it, you can then remove the freezer paper. It's best to remove the paper while the paint is still slightly wet.

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