Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party

My little girls have been talking about their birthdays every day, several times a day for the last 6months.

They have mostly been excited about singing happy birthday and getting a Plex and Foofa cake. They have talked about those cakes so many times, I could barely hold back my excitment to make them.

To have the day finally happen was more than exciting...for them and me. I am so grateful for each of my kids and the thought of celebrating them on their birthdays is something I always want to do.

A month before their birthday, I started making them presents, dresses, and party decor. I put my etsy shops on vacation and focused any extra time I had during naps and late at night to do birthday stuff.
This is Foofa! She's my youngest daughters favorite (she's turning 3 soon)Foofa is dainty and sweet just like my little girl.
This is Plex! The robot. She's my oldests favorite. He's inventive, creative and a leader just like my little girl.
I tried to hide their cakes but they found them when they woke up. This is the look on their faces when they first saw it. They were beyond excited.

I found this circa 1940's/50's typewriter while out thrifting the day before the party. I just had to put it on display with a special message typed to them: "Happy Birthday, Weww heww you're 3 and 4!!!!!"
Here's the Plex dress. I used this pattern from MADE. It was my first clothing item I've ever sewn and it was a great place to start.
They also had special painted princess crowns

And they got lots and lots of fun presents. Thanks everyone!!!
This is the girls' best bud, K-man! He's the cutest little kid and I'm pretty sure our kids think he is family. They love each other so much. K-man was born a couple days after my youngest little girl.
In the background you can see a fun dose of "Uncle baseball" happening. Man we love our nieces and nephews! They are all such amazing kids and we have a lot of fun when we get together.
It was a very fun party. We had it in my parents back yard. The kids could explore the yard, see the new chickens, chill in the hammock, play on the pin-ball machine, and swing on the new tree swings my dad built for the girls' birthdays.

They have 3 patio furniture sets with umbrellas next to their pond. So it was nice for the adults to be able to relax. Thanks mom and dad for such a beautiful party setting!
I hung large tissue paper pom-poms, circle garland, and balloon garland at the patio area. I wish I would have taken a picture of all of that :)

My girls were so excited for their party that they didn't want to take naps after church. I was worried that they would be ornery for the party they'd been so excited for. But they did great. And they were definitely celebrated!

I love you girls SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much!!
Happy Birthday.

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