Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Play: May 2011

We had some good weather in May, not a ton, but some. When it was nice outside, we jumped at the chance to hang outside.

My favorite day is Saturday. I love when our whole family spends time outside.
This day was one of those perfect Saturdays. The kids loved playing with this make-shift water table.

My sister-in-law passed this book down to us. It's a great little book on painting in a variety of different ways.
The girls painted with Q-tips and here is my youngest little girl's Q-tip painting.

I am wanting to incorporate numbers more into our day. The girls can count to 20 but they still don't understand the concept of numbers holding values.

I set up a store with price tags. I gave them real money (because this was not a planned activity and I didn't have fake money) and a plastic grocery sack. One at a time they came to the store and bought what they would like. I had them count out the money and pay me.

I think this helped a little bit with the concept of numbers. And since we've been practicing in other activities with numbers too, they are starting to get it.

I was at Winco one night and saw that I could buy diff. colored lentils in the bulk section. So I got a little bit of each color and let them play with them outside in a sensory tub. They LOVED this. And the feel of it was really neat.

My oldest daughter: almost 4, youngest daughter, almost 3, and son-1.5

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