Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Texture Painting and Printing

We had the best time together one morning doing this texture painting and printing. I saw an idea for this on the artful parent. I grabbed anything I had around the house with texture. The girls and I taped it all down to the little tables in their playroom.
We taped down a large Ziploc bag, construction paper with thing straws glued on, and Popsicle sticks, bubble wrap, and tin foil that I wrinkled up a bit. It would also be fun to paint on sand paper, corrugated cardboard, etc. if you have it around the house.
We used large paint brushes and tempera paint. But any paint would work just fine!
O-man (15mo) is just starting to get in on all the painting action at our house. He's pretty thrilled about it and loves art like the girls! This was so perfect for his age! He had a lot of fun feeling the textures. He even started painting his belly. He got a kick out of that. It feels pretty cool to paint your body!!
This is the "after" shot of the fun we had painting our textures.
Then we pressed our clean white sheets of paper onto our textures and got really cool prints. M(3.5) and C(2.5) really loved this part too.
Here is our print from the bubble wrap and the thin straws.
What a fun morning!

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