Tuesday, May 10, 2011

March Fun

Wow, this is starting to be a monthly visit to the ol' blog instead of a few times a month. Things have felt a lot busier. Oh well, here is the month of March, fun at home...and a couple other places.

Mia woke up one morning and threw her binkie away. She woke us up to tell us. I had told her a couple days prior that we need to think about throwing away the binkies because they are hurting her teeth and we need to get her teeth all better. I didn't think much of it, but apparently she did. So we had a big family celebration with a Plex cake over at Grandma and Pops house.

We played lots with our sensory tubs and even introduced them to brother.

We colored easter eggs with crayons while they were still hot. Daddy made the kids "Broby" from Yo Gabba Gabba and I attempted "Plex"
The girls made these cute little chicks out of egg cartons. They delivered one, along with a fruit basket, to our elderly neighbors who are ill.
Lots of easter Egg hunts this year. We had so much fun. The girls especially loved finding the eggs. Inside the eggs were plastic dinosaurs, confetti (cut-up tissue paper), colored erasers, colorful wooden blocks, paper clips...anything I had in our craft supply that fit. It was all a huge hit.
Trip to the Temple as a family
Dad made this foldable race track. Since then the girls have drawn houses around the streets. It's super cute
My sister threw this huge super hero party for her 5 year old. It was adorable.
My little cutie being a superhero!
Walking over the bubbling volcano
We went to a children's museum in Portland. It was really fun. My daughter loved these magnetic blocks! She sat and played with them for a really long time. I loved seeing her concentration
And this was genius. Plastic nails and styrofoam (the kind that doesn't break apart). Creative building!
O-man making bread with me. He's starting be my little helper in the kitchen. Oh how they grow up!
We made these cool planters out of 1 liter soda bottles. We got the idea from family fun. The top is downward facing in the water so that the evaporation is constantly watering the soil.
The first seedling
Lots and lots of playing doctor. My sister got the kids real medical equipment for christmas.
drinking hot cocoa at Multnomah Falls in WA

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