Thursday, August 19, 2010


The Wonder Years wrote a fascinating post a year or two ago on rocking, swinging and swaying. It has continued to stick in my mind as such a great activity. And I love going to the park and seeing you cuties swing. I recommend reading her post! In it she shares how rocking slows down the heart rate and releases endorphins which elevate the child's mood (adults too). It also provides a calming effect and can relieve pain.

In the book "Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children" by Sharifa Oppenheimer She writes: "Swinging and rocking motion both gentle and vigorous, stimulates proper brain growth and "wires" the different areas of the brain together."

We have a park nearby we can walk to. Mia and Claire in the double stroller and Owen in the baby bjorn. We're quite the sight! Lately Mia loves pushing brother in the swing and does a fantastic job at it. I push Claire, which swinging is her ultimate favorite at the park. I love to see Owen's joyful smile and excitement and Claire and Mia's too. But I also love to see Claire and Mia close their eyes, lay their heads back and enjoy that awesome feeling of swinging.

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  1. Quite the photograph Sis of Mia pushing Owen. So darling! I love his look on his face. And Mia's watermelon necklace is a crack up. Did you get that from moms? Thats been around for a while