Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Fun Around the House

A bunch of little random things the kids have created over the last couple of months 
A wallet. I didn't know she made this. She got my glue gun down by herself, cut paper out, and glued them together to make a wallet. 

 My girls love freshly squeezed lemonade and have been begging me for it. So I bought some lemons, cut them in half and set out the juicer. I was surprised to see how much stronger they've become. They juiced everything out of the lemons. I didn't have to help. Proud moment for me. I've been teaching them how to do this since they were 2 and it takes a lot of strength. Ya, my little girls!
 A little boy we know lost his dad just before Christmas time. It was very tragic and sad. We told Mia about it and she made this note for the little boy and gave him $2 of her Christmas money. I took a picture of it because I was proud of her for doing this on her own. "Im a very sorry about you dad."
 Monique had a birthday a couple weeks ago and we brought a huge balloon bag over and surprised her with tons of balloons. (we made her hide in her bedroom while we unloaded them). Love her!
 We made tissue paper valentines with my tutee and her friend.
 My little boy (just turned 3) made these lego airplanes. Impressed with your creativity bud! 

 Thanks Aunt Jen for these yummy cupcake treats for valentines day!
 Glitter mask and sword.
 Valentines that my little 4-year-old made. "Hadley, Gracie, Owen, Mia, Ashley (Q=Sh because she didn't know what letter made the "sh" sound. SO CUTE), Alliyah (ULEU)
 Okay this was funny. What you don't see in this picture is that the huge snow cave daddy built was in front of them. They are all sitting back eating icicles and pretending that they are at the movie theater watching a movie on the ice cave "big screen."  Funny kids.
 I went upstairs to see them reading a book to each other. Had to capture that cute moment.
 Train. They had blue painters tape on the carpet as a track and pipe cleaners poked into the boxes and tied to put the "train cars" together. They did this all themselves and I remember by the end there was drama.
My dad's carrot from his garden. Pretty funny. 
 Love making tents!!

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