Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All in A Day's Work

Play Time

My oldest gets home from Kindergarten at noon, eats lunch, reluctantly completes her reading and her chores and then it's on to her PROJECTS!! 

This little girls brain is always spinning with ideas, ideas, ideas. She comes home from school and ALWAYS wants to make something, or has some big idea of something fun she wants to pretend. She is a creator, an inventor. She is Super!
Give her a box and 100% of the time she will make something with it. A good recyclable is all she needs to be happy. "Don't throw that away dad, I want to use it for a project." Jon just laughs, because he knows she gets it from me. Don't get me wrong, I still throw most everything away because I hate clutter but it's hard I tell ya. I can't help but think of the new life I could breathe into it. So many uses for a diaper box, an old spaghetti jar, a cereal box.
She has projects everyday. And I have a love/no-love relationship with it all. At times it drives me nuts! It is hard. I can't keep up with her project demands and needs. 4 children 5 and under keeps me on my toes and I don't have time to sew her "wallet" that she just cut and made right then or cut her box right that second. But if I don't she will just do it without me, which can be dangerous at times. So I try! I try because it is her passion and I love watching her mind work. I love seeing what she creates and most of all I love how much she enjoys the process of creating. It's important to me that she loves what she is doing along the way and not just the completed project.  
  She is the leader of the pack and can come up with pretend ideas all day every day. And I love when it involves this pretty princess, brave knight and a fierce dragon (my 3 year old little boy).

And the day isn't over yet.  It's off to the outdoors where she played outside for hours by herself creating this ice fortress on top of the huge mountain of snow daddy built for them. 

And don't be deceived. There is a big dragon buried under the snow, getting ready to light everything on fire. She had all sort of characters hiding throughout this snow village.  I was just WAY too cold to take pictures of it all. 
 Oh what fun a day of play will bring. I love you sweet girl.

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