Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creations at Home

Just a few of the girls' creations from this past month, made at home

A Mask
My youngest learned how to sew
My oldest has already learned how to sew a little bit so she of course had to step it up...she drew and cut out an M and then sewed the "M" onto her hoop. Creative little girl thought the idea up on her own.
 The kids are obsessed with brave knights, kings, queens, etc. The kids really wanted to make crowns so I taught them how. M then made several for everyone!
 M is a little entrepreneur. She's always wanting to go sell things to the neighbors (sage from our garden, bike wash, etc. etc.) She really wanted to go sell these tickets she made. I told her she could not go sell them and so being the MAJOR negotiator that she is, asked if she could pretend to be walking down the street and stop by our house to sell tickets. I said sure. So she went outside, down the street to walk to our house to pretend she was a salesman. She happily sold me her tickets. 
 I have made the girls dozens of these sewn-bound books. I just fold white paper and put a sheet of construction paper as the cover. Open it up, sew, and voila, little books. They use them for their art work a lot and create stories too. This day in particular C was watercolor painting. This picture doesn't do her artwork justice. The colors were vibrant and beautiful. 

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