Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mommy School: Week 3

Mommy School: Week 3

We read the book Applesauce

We love this book. It's silly, informative and reminds us of our family! We love picking apples together and making yummy food. We read it several times last Fall and I'm glad my daughter picked it out for mommy school book this week. 

I asked my daughter what activity she'd like to do with our apples and she of course wanted to make applesauce.  So we steamed a few apples, and the kids helped mash them up into applesauce. 

We also made apple pies, and are hoping to dehydrate apples soon. This season makes me happy. I love that my kids get to pick fruit and veggies from their Grandparent's garden and that they are around me canning, saucing, dehydrating, making apple pies, etc. and that they help in that process when possible.  
 The kids were pretty sick this week so we weren't very consistent with mommy school this week, but I'm hoping that we will get to taste test diff. apple varieties, graph apples and do some apple printing.  

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