Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mommy School {Week 1}

Before Five in a Row: Blueberries for Sal

This week the book we focused on was "Blueberries for Sal." One of my very favorites from when I was a little girl. 

What we did:

Used puppets to reinact the book (Sal was a barbie, and the bear puppet was little bear).

As we read the book we did just what little Sal did: picked berries (pretended), plopped them in our tin bucket (we used marbles), listened closely to the sounds, and then we pretended to eat the berries. Sal started with 2 and added 4=6. Then she ate 4 blueberries. 6-4=2. So we counted every time we added or subtracted berries.  

We talked about little Sal and little bear getting lost from their mommys. Why did this happen? What could she have done to not get lost? 

We talked about how bears hibernate for the winter and eat lots of food before they do.

We drew pictures of blueberry bushes. 

We colored Mommy and Baby bear (found a bear coloring page printable online)

We made a berry smoothie for snack

We ate berries from a tin can (like Sal's)

p.s. these are all pics I took quickly with my phone while doing mommy school. Didn't bother trying to edit them...they are that bad. But it shows some of the fun we had.

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