Sunday, August 19, 2012


My first is bound for school tomorrow. Can't believe it, really can't!  
 She's got her uniforms ready, her new spiderman backpack all packed, and she's ready to take on Kindergarten. A day she's been talking about for a long long time.  
 A day she's been dreaming about!  
Me, on the other hand...I always ask if you can please stop growing up?!?! Please. And you smile and laugh at me and sometimes even flex your muscles and tell me how you have to keep growing. I know little girl, I know. But it sure is hard to let go of my sweet baby girl. The first little one in my belly (something you reiterate to your siblings on a daily basis). All of these "first" moments are hardest with you because these moments are new to me too. 
But I have a feeling that you'll do great and learn so many wonderful things at your new school!  We love you  our sweet brave knight! I hope I can be as brave as you are tomorrow :)

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