Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Favorite Christmas Book

Christmas in the Barn
By Margaret Wise Brown
Pictures by Barbara Cooney
This book was written in 1952. The illustrations are some of my very favorite. But you have to make sure it's illustrated by Barbara Cooney, there are other illustrators of the same book.

My youngest daughter (2.5) had me read this book 5 times in a row for her. And I just read it to my oldest (3.5) in her bed tonight. The illustrations and story were so captivating to her. We had read some of Luke 2 earlier this evening and this children's story helped the scriptures to make more sense to her.

She was very interested in the story and so I took her downstairs to look at each of our nativities. I pointed out how baby Jesus was in a basket with straw. No bed. And there was Mary (who she calls married) and Jesus' earthly father Joseph. And the wisemen each holding a present for Jesus. She loved all of the animals too. It was such a great teaching moment and for the first time this christmas season we really caught the true christmas spirit together.

The very sad thing is that this book (with Barbara Cooney as illustrator) is being sold from $250-$40. So we'll read it as much as we can until we have to give it back to the library :)

***UPDATE*** I tracked down a copy on amazon from a seller for around five dollars. WEWW HEWW!

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